Monday, March 14, 2011

Poke-King App Testing

Currently beta testing both versions of the app. The pro version seems to be more work than expected. The lite is working great but there are still a few flaws.  Still need to make the UI flow better. Hopefully all will be done by tonight.

   Looks like facebook changed their code once again. Trying to work around this speed bump, hopefully it will be up and going by the end of the night.
***In 45 minutes found a new work around but turns out that facebook was just running small tests because the original one is still working 100%. I guess it just needed a small break.


  1. Was working great till frackbook made Changes again... About two weeks now... Any updates coming? I had just downloaded the paid ver. And they ZAPPED it.... Thx, POK'EMON.

  2. I have updated it to version 1.1.5 which should fix all errors that were happening. Please verify which version that you are on and also make sure that you clicked remember password when you first login. Also, I have stopped updating the blog and moved most of my updates to my facebook page. Please let me know of updates and errors there. Thanks.